Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chloe and Mum

On this page I have used a beautiful photo that I took when I was visiting Chloe and family. She had just been fed and was looking very contented. Janet from Scrapville had come up with another fabulous monthly pack and I couldn't wait to use it. I thought it fitted perfectly with my photo. Once again I've had to borrow punches etc from fellow Scrapophiles. I'm very lucky to have such a lovely group of scrapping friends. Although I must admit that the packed boxes in the craft room have a very different look....they all look like they have exploded as I have re-opened and fossicked through the tops for something special.It will not be long now until we shift and I will have my Dream Scrapbooking Room.  I had to underline it  because anyone who may be reading this blog will understand. But back to the job at hand. I am loving having a new Grandaughter.I heard a saying once that I didn't appreciate at the time but now that I have Grandchildren it all makes sense....If I had've known how much fun it was to be a Grandparent I would have done it first.

Thank you for visiting my Blog and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pride and Joy

The November challenge on White with 1 is Green with Chevron pattern.I found in the top of the packed boxes (now with a few opened and ratted through) stash a nice variety of green papers and bits and bobs...sorry embellishments.So a nice peaceful Sunday afternoon and I came up with this page.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Introducing Chloe Grace

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our newest grand child, a beautiful little girl to DD1 and husband.. Chloe Grace. I haven't had a cuddle yet, that will have to wait for a few weeks until I travel to Adelaide to visit. Looking forward to that with great excitement.
So for the Kraft It Up challenge this month this is Chloe's debut into the scrapbooking world. And I am sure it is the start of many Chloe pages. The challenge was for plenty of white space on the page.I like white space and found it an easy page to work on and I was happy with the result. It is also a lovely look in which you can use scrap paper for the flower petals.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love Cherish Admire

This is a pumpkin hour page for White with One challenge. I love yellow. It is one of my favourite colours. I think yellow is a happy colour. Because of the huge variations in yellows I find it is easier to work with a Black and white photo. This is a quick page that I have once again done with what was readily available at the top of the boxes. It is a really cute photo of Noah and I hope you enjoy the page.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Gosh another page! This is another page I have done for Scrapville. Janet has put together another fabulous monthly Pack this time using the Cashmere Dame range by Traci Smith. This was great for me because as you know my Scrapping room is already packed in boxes and the move has been delayed for a few months so the monthly pack had everything I need. I just added a bit of spritzing and stamping  and I found some older photo's of Lily. I hope you enjoy the page.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Peek a Boo

Well I am back on the grid again. This has been a very difficult year but we are able to finish it off with the engagement of DD3 (albeit with a broken ankle which occurred the same day as the proposal....and no it was not because of too much champagne) and the impending birth of grandchild number 3 to DD1(Very, very exciting and unexpected). I have noticed that some of you have been checking my blog while I was thank you and I hope to have a few pages up soon.

This page was done for the sketch challenge for Janet at Scrapville.I loved this photo of Noah as he was playing Peek a Boo with Grandpa. I was always too slow to get him with his hands over his eyes as well. But never mind I love this shot. Because my craft room is packed up for the move I have had to use what was readily available. Except for the title being crooked I was happy with the result. I would love you to leave me a message to let me know what you think.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Believe in Dreams

I have beem quite prolific in production of pages over the last week. I have had a week off work and it has been lovely being able to sit down and start and finish a page. I've thorougly enjoyed it. Also I have been able to take the time and go through a few of my drawers in my craft room and have been surprised at what I have had stashed for a long time. I think it is a good idea to have a drift through at various times to jog your memory at just what you have...amazing.
I have done a challenge for 123 Challenge Which include the colour  Mint....Tick.   Beads....Tick. And the word Believe...Tick.  I think that covers all areas. I was happy with the end result.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Birthdays are Just a Feather

This photo was taken when we were having a birthday celebration for Mel and Greg and  I really loved the glow from the candles on the vase of flowers.It gave the picture a lovely ambience.Lily is in the background waiting for her turn to blow out the candles.I felt that it lent itself to a pretty page. I have done so many boy pages lately that I struggled with pretty.Also I find circles a challenge. It's not called a challenge for nothing. I hope you like my take on it. If you visit my blog I would love you to leave a comment.I have done this challenge for Frosted Designs.

This shows the flower on the page which I have layered with a few colours and shapes and then spritzed with a pink that contrasts with the colours.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Real Good

What a good challenge for Scrap the Boys this month. Recycle  Re-use. How good is that. I had kept a McDonalds take away bag that I had emptied (Yummmmmm). It had a picture of a tractor on it and at the time I thought that it would make a good boy's page at some time or other and Scrap the Boys came up with the challenge.I have used some of the wording on the bag as a title and other pieces to make the bunting and  pieces of wording for comments and also for the pinwheels. No piece was left un-used. And then I also used a piece of check ribbon that I salvaged from some gift wrapping for a bit of backing. The hardest decision was what photo of Noah to use....I have quite a number to choose from.  He may well think that all grandma's have a permanent attachment of a camera on the end of their arm.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Life Is Good at One

How amazing has the past year been watching Noah grow. With such a shaky start he has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. And now he is One. He is such a joy with his happy little nature and his infectious laugh. He has helped his Grandpa along and given him a lot of fun and enjoyment at such a difficult time. He has come along at the perfect time. I loved this photo at his birthday party...the look of wonder and amazement on his face.I had done the page and it fitted in perfectly for the Scrap the Boys Challenge. I thought the invitations that Andrea used for Noah's birthday were so cute that I wanted to keep the memory of it and decided to use it as a guide for my page.

I picked up on the banner on the invitation and used it on my page. I was happy with the end result.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our favourite boy

I really love these photo's of Noah so much that I have scrapped them in a few different ways and colour schemes. Creative Scrappers had a challenge that I liked so I have used them. I really think the colours work well and the orange accents give it a bright lift.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pure Sweetness

I was lucky enough to get a photo of Lily and Scrapville had a monthly sketch that I thought would work well with it. I had a box of flowers given to me by a lovely friend and when I opened it I was immediately taken by the colours in the ones that I have used and I wanted to use them on a special page. I was happy with the outcome. Unfortunately the photo I took of the page was not as good and there is a flash reflection on the photo.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Add Water and Enjoy

This is a page that I would like to share because is one of my favourites. I did it for a sketch challenge that Janet had on the Scrapville blog.I thought that the colours and the papers worked well and gave the page a lovely gentle feel.I felt that the clear buttons gave a subtle effect of bubbles.  I loved the photo of Noah. It was taken just after he had been in his swimming pool.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Best Boy

The White with One challenge this month is White with lemon with 3 photo's. I had some lovely photo's of Noah that I wanted to put on a page all together so this worked well.I had bought a very pretty spray from Scrapville and I was given a box of flowers by a friend and it had some lovely lemon blossoms. I also added a white bow from ribbon that was salvaged from christmas wrapping a few years ago. My daughter thinks this page is a bit girly for a boy page but I am quite happy with it. What do you think.

This is a detailed look at the spray with the blossom. I love the softening effect of the white feather behind it. And he really is our best boy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh To Be

Another challenge.Wow. This is Daring you to Scrap using left over papers to create a background.What a great way to use left over bits and pieces. Some papers are so lovely it is nice to use them again.

Mr Cute

I don't know what has happened , this is my third post in a month. Some of the blogs have some interesting challenges and I have had a few days at home.Amazing what can happen when you have a bit of free time.Kraft It Up's challenge was using four, and red. I have done this in record time. I am usually a slow scrapper but this one has come together quite quickly. I love the photo of Noah it is quite pensive.

This photo shows a bit of detail with the stitching and the pinwheel.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Summer Fun

Noah really loved his first swim in his pool. With the warm weather arriving it was an opportune time to get some great photo's of him splashing and playing in the water. Scrap the Boys had a challenge on their blog for your favourite summer activities, so the timing worked in well. Even though this is his first summer I think it is going to be one of his favourite summer activities.

This is a bit of the detail with the water and waves that I accentuated with a bit of machine stitching and some clear buttons which give the look of bubbles

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Me and Dad

It's some time since I have posted a blog.Christmas has been and gone in the blink of an eye and now its is the New Year. White With One have a challenge this month using white with Lime and buttons.Well the Lime was a bit of a challenge because I don't use lime very much. But after a scrounge through the stash it is a surprise at just what is there. So have a look at my page and let me know what you think.(I did have one little variation of the lime and that was the green that was in the feathers)